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LOVE LOVE: Atlas Sound “Walkabout”

23 Nov

A little beam of sunshine has landed on my iPod!

I cannot stop listening to this new Atlas Sound track “Walkabout.” (THREE smileys!)

Since it’s been raining pretty heavily here in Vancouver, for something to quell my shrieking internal rants about steamy bus rides, dripping faux fur collars, leaky boots and wet jean cuffs is no small miracle.

The tunes I’ve been favouring lately have been amplifying these rants, actually. Too much heavy guitar or dance/electronic amplified mood music to get me up and out the door to work.

There’s always a time and a place for manic experimental dancehall, but maybe not while I’m digging craters in my mushy raisin bran while looking despondently out a rain-patterned window.

Bradford Cox (of Deerhunter fame) wrote and recorded “Walkabout” with Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear of Animal Collective) after meeting him on tour last year. The ensuing meld of minds and musical styles has created an chirping, glittery pop track that packs a punch similar to Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks”, but with a much-needed absence of gloss.

This song is for little triumphs and fledgling dreams. While listening, it’s easy to imagine a group of little kids discovering the seaside for the first time: creating marvels of architecture with sand and sticks; turning over rocks and squealing at the creatures beneath; dusting sand off of one another…


Download Atlas Sound – Logos from iTunes. (The rest of the album is amazing as well.)

Photo courtesy of Spinner.com