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WEEKEND UPDATE: Woodhands at The Biltmore, Sat. Nov 28

30 Nov

Drawing from an evening with so many highlights, it’s tough choosing just one from Saturday’s Woodhands/ steampunk outing.

But I must!

It’s a toss-up between three: discovering the alt-techno stylings of Vincent Parker; getting smeared with the sweat of Woodhands’ geeky lead vocalist Dan Werb (direct! See photo); and ogling some very talented white-girl Bollywood dancers.

An artist that describes himself as “electro/hip hop/experimental” on his myspace, Vincent Parker displayed a mixture of the manic stage presence of YACHT and the progressive intelligent dance music of Aphex Twin – two artists that I love love love.

The man stole my heart with his artful mixture of heavy beats and disjointed, airy bleeps. (Not to mention his spastic habit of waving his giant hair like a scrawny lion on fire.)

And he got us amply warmed up for Woodhands, which mattered very much.

They’re all rock and all dance; all indie and all electro; and they create all their music from scratch.

Woodhands’ Dan Werb is a wiz kid. His adroit abilities with analog synths, loops and the keytar (seriously) form a sound that’s both nostalgic and newfangled.

His vocals easily straddle the vast chasm between deep and shrill, and he sports nerdy glasses to boot!

Drummer Paul Banwatt is also a dork, and, like all the best, he has no trouble being sexy at the same time. During “Breaking Up” Banwatt (also the drummer for the Rural Alberta Advantage) was smiling so hugely and rocking out so hard he destroyed his snare drum and literally played it upside down until someone threw down a replacement.


I must admit, having seen Woodhands before at UBC (which was a totally awesome performance btw, during which Banwatt did the female vocals for “Dancer” and a cover of Tupac’s “California Love”!) I was jonesing for some new material.

They did throw down a new track, but I can’t lie it was rather unmemorable.

However, we were all bouncing off the walls, and there were more than enough memories to carry me through the evening.

(i.e. awesome steam punk party where I witnessed a live trumpet/accordion/banjo band, a belly dancing quartet, an amazing white-girl Bollywood dancer, burlesque stripteasers, an ambient electro duo and MORE.)

Oh what a night!

All photos by me.

Buy Woodhands’ music on iTunes. Strongly recommend: Heart Attack and I wasn’t Fighting EP.