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LIKING: Timbaland featuring Keri Hilson and Jay-Z “Rumours”

20 Nov

Despite what the critics are saying (Pitchfork, New Music Reviews, Mixtape Maestro), I’m diggin’ this new Timbaland song Rumors!

It has one of those great abrasive synth-drum loops you gotta get down with on the dance floor or at the gym: basically any place where being stared at is something you hope to get out of the evening.

Yes, I know the lyrics are bad: “See what it look like not what it look like, might what it look like but you’re whom I don’t like.”

Ya, I’m pretty sure even a monkey would fling poo at those lyrics, if it could.

I mean c’mon, nobody listens to club tracks for the lyrics.

Also, Timbaland is hot, not fat. See photo.

Whatever, I’m downloading this track from Shock Value Vol. 2 when it comes out on November 23, 09 on Blackground.

Ninety nine cents never made my ass look so good!

Photo courtesy of People