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WHO KNEW: Women’s feet could reveal lusty thoughts?

7 Dec

Your feet have betrayed you!

And you might not have even known…

According to a new study by Prof Geoffrey Beattie, Head of School and Dean of Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester, women show sexual attraction through the movements of their feet.

The research gathered on behalf of shoemaker Jeffery West states that  if a girl likes someone and is laughing, she will move her foot away from her body and will gain an “open leg posture.”

(Do I really do that? Yeesh, better check it.)

Also, if a lady’s feet are crossed or tucked under herself, then she’s just not that in to whomever she’s talking to.

(Gotta remember this one. Key for weirdo bus talkers.)

Men, however, don’t signal sexual attraction with their feet. But this doesn’t mean you guys should stop trying down there. God I’ve seen some awful foot-coverings (can’t even dignify them by calling them shoes) on men in this city. Just because you’re a granola muncher doesn’t mean your feet should look like they’re mulching compost as well.

For me, if I could wear any shoe I wanted, it would hail from Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 RTW collection.

I’m definitely digging the hard-edged, extraterrestrial take on footwear. The white one is very Fifth Element.

They are incredible examples of the kind of forward-thinking futurism that’s been absent in fashion recently. We’ve seen way too many designers referencing an 80’s kinda future. I think McQueen has nailed a modern, distinctive vision, and I salute him.

To wear any of these creations is to say, “Come closer, if you dare…

…to be destroyed.”

NOW THAT’S what I want my feet to be saying!

(As I dance by myself to this:)

Photos courtesy of style.com