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DESPITE MYSELF: Fascinated by bitsy fashion blogger Tavi

24 Nov

Pocket-sized blogger Tavi Gevinson is taking the fashion world by storm the way only a 13-year-old can: by using words like “shooooozzz”; drinking her daily dose of Nesquik; attending NY Fashion week as a special guest; and and flying to Japan to party with Comme des Garçons.

Wait… what? How the eff did she pull that off? Let’s do some research.

I checked out her blog style rookie and I found it shockingly astute. This chick knows fashion. She knows music. She knows designers.

And not the obvious ones, rather she likes art-house fashion designers like Rei Kawakubo and Viktor & Rolf. We’re talking progressive designers that I didn’t start obsessing about until I started hawking clothes (aka working in retail) and pouring over style.com at the ripe age of 23.

See example of her emerging brilliance in this post: sophie loves mac and cheese dinosaur, which sounds like the name of a garage band aspiring to be like animal collective.

And she just keeps rising up.

As posted on Huffington Post, sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy (the designers behind award-winning label Rodarte) said they got in touch with Tavi after they discovered her blog laced with personal photos and thoughtful musings on the world of fashion and design. The sisters invited the lil’ blogger to sit front row at their show, with less important people (like celebs and fashion writers/editors) sitting in her shadow.

“Tavi makes you think about things differently, makes you see things differently,” said Kate in her interview with HuffPost.

Yes, I agree that’s true. She is fresh, cute and delightfully girly. She has an impressively strong voice. She’s also intelligent and paradoxical: She posts carefree photos of herself and her other teensy friends posing like models in thrift-store threads on playgrounds,  yet she’s also burdened by an old soul’s perceptions of the sad, superficial world of teendom.

In her words: I admire those who can hit a volleyball or kick a soccer ball and be really committed to practicing stuff. I could never do any of these and am bitter that I am forced to try to every day. I am also bitter that a volleyball hit me smack dab in the face last week, causing my glasses to fall to the floor, causing me to go to the trouble to bend over to pick up my also bent spectacles. My crooked glasses served as a sad metaphor for what the nerd’s place is in a room full of physically talented individuals.

However… (there is always an “however” with me…)

In her article for the Guardian, Eva Wiseman writes, “Gevinson’s blog was initially assumed to be a fake created by fashion insiders because it was so professional, and features analysis of magazines and photographs of her daily outfits.”

And on the site Virtual Jerusalem, T. Litvin writes, “Tavi’s blog is currently pulling more than four million regular readers, and it’s easy to see why the fashion world initially believed it to be a fake written by a much older and more experienced person.”

Well we know she doesn’t have four million readers but…

Well, which is it? Is her blog a fake or an inspiration? I must admit, this thought did creep into my mind. How did we determine it’s not fake again? I missed that part.

Please don’t get me wrong; I really don’t want it to be fake! Just look at these delightful photos she’s taken of herself:

Amazing, love. I absolutely am buying into her world. There, I’ve said it.

If it’s fake, I’m mad. (Insert: sad.)

Photos courtesy of style rookie and stylefile