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NOTHING SHOCKING: Irina wins Project Runway Season 6

21 Nov

Taking no turns to the unexpected, Irina Shabayeva takes home the prize for clearly outshining her competition on Project Runway Season 6.


It makes me feel nothing to write this because it was so bloody obvious she would win from the very beginning.

She was such a cow from the start, yet she was obviously so much more talented than the rest that it couldn’t have turned out any other way.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not one to discount a girl purely for being bitchy, but this bitch was so scathingly bitchy that I really didn’t enjoy hating her as much as I would have liked.

I feel deprived!

Oh well, I finally have my comeuppance: Irina is now being accused of stealing intellectual property from New York Magazine! Bwa ha ha.

After accusing other designers of copying her designs, Irina herself copied the contents of an entire article from New York Magazine and applied them as a silkscreen on one of her T-shirts (see photo above). It should be noted that these T-shirts themselves needed to be redone, because her first versions used classic images of Coney Island created by other artists (see photo below).

Moreover, she can’t plead innocence on the issue because she was already told not to use copyrighted material once, and then she did it again… in a move that makes it look nothing short of intentional.

Perhaps she should have silkscreened the words “nothing new” and put them under a giant photo of a sun. At least that would have been an honest statement about her collection, several elements from which btw, are ripoffs of those from Proenza Schouler’s A/W 2007 collection. (I’m talking the thick, high collared jackets and sequined dresses paired with edgy accessories.)

But whatever, if that’s her influence, fine. Irina’s entire collection was cohesive, interesting and impeccably detailed and she did deserve to win –I just feel so deflated by it all.

In an interview for the LA Times’ Entertainment blog, Irina responds to the accusation with probably the stupidest dodging of creative responsibility ever:

Los Angeles Times: Have you read the blogs that talk about your T-shirts featuring material from a New York magazine article? Have you been in touch with the magazine?
Irina Shabayeva: I did. No: I haven’t been in touch with them. I read some of the comments. That particular piece wasn’t written by one author — they gathered all these random comments from New Yorkers. It was so funny because when I got that issue of New York I was working on the T-shirts and it was like, “Oh, my God.” I thought it was one of those meant-to-be moments, serendipity. I was so excited, I was like, “What better than right from a New Yorker’s mouth?” I did add some of my comments in too, so I thought it was a collective voice. I was so inspired by the article. For the T-shirts I did a burnout, this chemical technique with the clouds. I think they turned out great, and if I was a New Yorker I’d be proud that there’s a T-shirt with that poetry on it.

LA Times: Their blog says that they’ve found their softball uniform for next year.
Irina Shabayeva: There you go. I guess they are proud!

Umm, I don’t think so. She says, “They gathered all these random comments from New Yorkers” making it sound like there was no work involved. Isn’t that like… what reporters do for a living?

It’s one thing to copy/paste words from other sources onto a blog to prove a point (see above, which I readily cite to the LA Times!), but it’s quite another to say you created original work by using someone else’s writing/research with no due credit.

What do you think? Innocent until proven guilty?

Photos courtesy of shine.yahoo.com and projectrungay.blogspot.com