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LIKING: Timbaland featuring Keri Hilson and Jay-Z “Rumours”

20 Nov

Despite what the critics are saying (Pitchfork, New Music Reviews, Mixtape Maestro), I’m diggin’ this new Timbaland song Rumors!

It has one of those great abrasive synth-drum loops you gotta get down with on the dance floor or at the gym: basically any place where being stared at is something you hope to get out of the evening.

Yes, I know the lyrics are bad: “See what it look like not what it look like, might what it look like but you’re whom I don’t like.”

Ya, I’m pretty sure even a monkey would fling poo at those lyrics, if it could.

I mean c’mon, nobody listens to club tracks for the lyrics.

Also, Timbaland is hot, not fat. See photo.

Whatever, I’m downloading this track from Shock Value Vol. 2 when it comes out on November 23, 09 on Blackground.

Ninety nine cents never made my ass look so good!

Photo courtesy of People


NEW: Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck Video “Heaven Can Wait.” Meh?

19 Nov

I thought Charlotte Gainsbourg could do no wrong. I mean, she’s incredibly hip without seeming pretentious, and her triple-threat persona as a singer/actress/style icon appears well earned.

Check this track to seewhatImean.

But her new collaboration with Beck (this is when you start to get excited) left me feeling cold; clammy eighth grade heavy petting in the park kind of cold. You want it to feel good, but… those sticky hands are just so cold!

The video, directed by Keith Schofield and dubbed “incredible” by Pitchfork, features a bizarre combo of images set to a very Beck-ish dreamy, heavy-handed piano tune.

Let’s see, there’s a man with a giant walnut, a shirtless dancing fat kid, a skateboard on hamburgers, a cop taking down a guy in a SpongeBob costume, an astronaut with a head of pancakes, a robot taking some chick to the prom, and a dude with half a beard.

Wait, did I just say half a beard?

I don’t know why, but that half-beard dude was just about the weirdest thing in there. I can not stop thinking about that image. Why only half a beard? Did he get in a freak gasoline fight accident? Is it an unfortunate half-face hair loss gene? Perhaps he’d entered a hall of mirrors and accidentally banged into one and it shattered into a million pieces and then one of the pieces flew through the air and sliced off half his beard.


Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Beck-produced LP, IRM, is set to come out on January 26, 2010 via Because/Elektra. “Heaven Can Wait” is now available on iTunes.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think. The song’s aiiiight, not great, and the video is mildly entertaining. Even so, should Pitchfork really have used the words “incredible” and “Dada brainfuck” for the video?

Meh, think not.

Photo courtesy of Photobucket

NEW: Björk pops out track for bizarre kids’ movie

19 Nov

Not sure if this is predictable, but Björk has a new obsession with “Moomins.”

For those of you not impish enough to know, Moomins are small, white hippopotamus-like things that have no mouths, yet they can project eerie, pesky, perky voices. Sorta like Ferris Bueller.

They were created by quirky Finnish author/illustrator Tove Jansson, and they are really floating Björk’s boat right now.

So much so that she wrote “The Comet Song” with author and frequent collaborator Sjón (“Bachelorette”, “Wanderlust”) for the upcoming children’s film, Moomins and the Comet Chase, due out in August or September 2010.

I dunno, this could be a little… dumb. Watch the trailer for another Moomins movie (or visit Pitchfork) and tell me what you think.

Photo courtesy of electrocasts.net