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LIVE ACTION: Switch plays Pop Opera to a small crowd and one crazy dancing girl

16 Jan

Switch was in Vancouver on Thursday, and LR and friends showed up ready to shake some booty to his frenetic, fidget-house set.

Best known for being one half of Major Lazer — his latest collaboration project with hipper-than-thou DJ Diplo — Switch is also one of the brains behind M.I.A.’s last two albums and the latest Missy Elliott record.

His Major Lazer project is a delicious combination of Switch’s fidgety Baltimore beats and Diplo’s Brazilian Baile Funk. Their music love child was born of the two, and it came out coated in ’80s digital Jamaican dancehall.

According to Pop Matters, the cartoon incarnation of Major Lazer — a Jamaican commando character invented by Switch and Diplo — lost his arms in the “secret Zombie War of 1984” before being fitted with prosthetic laser arms from the U.S. military.

Why they’ve created this ridiculous back story is unknown, but it is known that this Major Lazer character is keen to get you dancing — like ri’ now.

If you’ve read my archives, you’ll know I selected Major Lazer’s Guns Don’t Kill People … Lazers Do as one of my top ten albums of the year, so I was pretty stoked to get down — way down to this affair.

And I how I danced! I danced low. I danced high. I danced left, right, sideways and back. It is entirely possible that I may have danced backwards.

But the gyration station aside, I was left wanting more.

“More dancehall please!” I said.

Switch played lots of his fidgety, broken blips with heavy bongo-ish beats, which was awesome, but his tracks lacked a hooking, vocal melody. I like melodies.

And he only played ONE Major Lazer track: Bruk Out. (Admittedly, I had to leave at 2 am and the party was still going, so perhaps I should amend my request to say, “More dancehall earlier, please!”)

Also, there was this distracting chick dancing on stage next to Switch all night for no reason. She kept pointing at us all. It was annoying.

Until I went outside and felt my ears rigging and plugging up, I didn’t realize how loud it was in there. It was crazy! I have had ringing ears for two days since. I’ve been to tonnes of shows in my lifetime and I haven’t experienced ringing like this in a decade or more.

(And I wasn’t the only one complaining, btw. My friends all said the same thing.)

In short: the DJ set was great; the venue (Pop Opera) was too slick and cheesy for my taste; I wanted to be the dancing girl on stage; and I wanted MORE DANCEHALL!

To rectify, you should check out Cash Flow, my fave track off Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do.

Also, check Switch’s remix of Florence + The Machine – Rabbit Heart:

Love love!

Photo courtesy of farm2.static.flickr.com.


HIGH ROTATION 2009: My best of the year mix

16 Dec

So, here ’tis! My best-of-2009 mix!

In other words, this is a tracklist of my highest played that just squeaks in under 80 mins. Keep in mind these are my fave tracks of the year. For fave albums, see below High Rotation under “Top 10 Albums of 2009.”

High Rotation 2009 – By Lena

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And here’s what I have to deal with when I’m listening to/writing/reading/watching stuff online:

Cat steals chair!


Anyway, Top Ten Albums of 2009 – According to me:

(And yes, they are in a specific order)

1.) Fever Ray Fever Ray

In a word: Magic

Perfect for: Creating art/self expression. This album is a glimpse into the mind of a true artist. I always put together a great outfit if Fever Ray is playing while I’m choosing clothes. Karin Dreijer Andersson, you make me amazing!

2.) Grizzly Bear Veckatimest

In a word: Brilliant

Perfect for: Listening/writing. The organic, enveloping nature of this album makes it a completely faultless listening experience. Gets the creative juices flowing.

3.) Yeah Yeah YeahsIt’s Blitz! (Deluxe Edition)

In a word: Emotional

Perfect for: Experiencing all the highs and lows of love. I laughed, I cried, I hurled.

4.) BibioAmbivalence Avenue

In a word: Optimistic

Perfect for: Thinking/nodding head. The mixture of folk and electronic is stimulating to the mind. I’m excited about the future of music based on this album.

5.) Memory Tapes Seek Magic

In a word: Kinetic

Perfect for: Transportation, either forward or backward. Drive, bike, bus, walk, think with this on. Mentally transport yourself back to times you were happiest/saddest and live there for a bit.

6.) Sunset RubdownDragonslayer

In a word: Warm

Perfect for: Analog time. Sitting in a sunbeam wrapped up in a blanket; toasting in front of a fire with good book/magazine; generally feeling fuzzy towards oneself.

7.) Junior BoysBegone Dull Care

In a word: Playful

Perfect for: Getting ready to go out! Or, simply staying in and singing and dancing in front of the mirror (if you’re into that). Have fun with it.

8.) The xxxx

In a word: Sexual

Perfect for: Sexy times/daydreaming on bus about sexy times. Not that I’ve done this, ever.

9.) Atlas SoundLogos

In a word: Shy

Perfect for: Walking around all dreamy and introspective-like; being watched from afar.

10.) Major Lazer Guns Don’t Kill People … Lazers Do

In a word: Manic

Perfect for: Twisting and jerking yourself awake on dark, freezing winter mornings – oh, and shakin’ what yer mamma gave ya on the dance floor, too. Commagain!

In four words: GO BUY THESE PLEEZ!

All photos by me.