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HAHAHA: Knitwear guru Mark Fast rejects Lady Gaga

8 Jan

Delightful fashion designer and fellow Canuck Mark Fast — known for his supertight dresses dubbed “hosiery for the body” — refused to lend his sexy knitwear to the vileness that is Lady Gaga (heretofore referred to as “Gag”).

Finally! What I’ve been saying for months is validated by The Cut!

Now, I can die peacefully.

Apparently, the 29-year-old Canadian-born, London-based designer “politely” turned Gag down when approached by her stylist.

“My work is about a lifestyle. It’s not fast-food fashion. It’s not about trends, it’s about classic, it’s about the body, it’s about beauty. Maybe that gets lost in the picture with certain celebrities,” he said.

Haha, “fast-food fashion.” Couldn’t have said it better myself! (Well, lemme think about it…)

But honestly, you can ask my buds. I’ve sputtering for MONTHS about the irritating publicity Gag gets for her “spooky,” “fearless” and “original” style sense.

She simply employs a team of stylists that pick through abstract, art-house designs made by incredibly creative people. They then slap them on her before an awards show, thus taking them completely out of context. SHE is not creative. She simply chews up and spits out the originality of others, and calls upon the general public to view her art-house choices as “crazy” and “weird” (see her on the left).

Honestly, what kind of statement is she making? I’ll bet the designer was making a statement, perhaps on the way women tend to hide themselves within the gigantic trend machine.

But Gag? She IS the trend machine. It makes me want to breathe fire.

For all you fashion neophytes out there, I’ll put it like this:

It’s like taking a beautiful painting by Joseph Guinta, ripping it out of the frame, stapling it to your t-shirt, eating a hotdog over it and marvelling at how the mustard stains “don’t even stick!” while you gyrate to Lady Gaga.

There you go, fast-food fashion.

According to his website (link at top), Fast designs everything by hand on a domestic knitting machine. He forms his work on to the body as he knits, and he has concocted innovative stitching techniques, blending lycra with wool, Angora or viscose.

Click here to view Mark Fast’s Spring RTW collection, and see below for my three favourite looks from him, ever:

Fast grew up outside Winnipeg, and spent his youth frolicking in the countryside “along a highway next to a forest.” Then he moved to London and achieved international recognition for being wonderfully talented.

Hey, wow! That’s the story of MY life!

(Hopefully. One day.)

For now, I’ll just contend with nibbling biscuits dipped in tea as I delicately try not to spill on myself.

Photos courtesy of markfast.net, mtv.com and bougies.files.wordpress.com.