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XMAS PRESENT (TENSE): A handbag fit for a digital queen

21 Dec

This dorkus-malorkus computer key bag is so up my alley.

Made by Joao Sabino, an industrial designer in Portugal, “The Keybag” is made from exactly 393 keys from computer keyboards.

Lined with black nylon and available in four colours (see photo below), The Keybag is the perfect accessory with which to ring in the new year.

It also reminds me of Super Mario Bros. with all its blockiness.

Since I have a typing impediment — I type with left hand on 1/3 of the keyboard and right hand on 2/3, and I never use the pinkies: for decoration ONLY — this bag would be the perfect training apparatus.

And just think of the jokes I could throw down!“Oh, sorry, you’re just not my… type.”

“Learning is… key!”

“I’m really… board of your instant messages.”


“Print screen!”


So, mom, dad, stepdad, if you’re reading this, The Keybag will set you back €130.00, or $253.00 CAD including shipping. Don’t worry that it won’t arrive in time for Christmas. I can wait.

Buy it here. And check out Joao Sabino’s blog here.

(And this is how it would look before my stuff got put inside…)

I first caught wind of The Keybag through a mention on Kingdom of Style (my fave fashion blog), and I’ve since been reading up on it.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any evidence to suggest it’s made from recycled keyboards, which would make it ever the more awesome.

The Keybag reminds me of the 2006 documentary Manufactured Landscapes about Edward Burtynsky, an incredible Canadian photographer who travels the world shooting breathtaking landscapes changed from manufacturing and industry.

Directed by Jennifer Baichwal, part of the film follows people in China that live among piles and piles of “e-waste” (or computer waste). They pick through bits and chunks of broken computer parts, chemicals and wires searching for valuable pieces they can sell to avoid starving.

Apparently 50 per-cent of the world’s computer waste ends up in China. It would be incredibly remarkable for The Keybag to be made of keys from China’s e-wastelands.

Manufactured Landscapes is tragic and berating and stunningly filmed. If you’ve never seen it, you really should. It’s pretty unforgettable. At the very least, watch Edward Burtynsky’s TED talk on the subject.

In the meantime, anyone seen my… keys?


Photos courtesy of kingdomofstyle.typepad.co.uk, designboom.com and workshop.iyms.info.