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BRAND SPANKING NEW(ish): “Further Complications” video from Jarvis Cocker

8 Dec

Just checked out Jarvis Cocker’s latest video for the title track from his Further Complications LP (released in early November).

This video makes you want, nay HAVE, to don your biggest glasses, some three-day-unwashed hair, a cup of tea, and a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Then you must sidle up next to him, tell him about the bitch/bastard who spurned you and absorb all his celebrated neuroses.

Apparently this is a brake up album, since Cocker split with his wife (a French fashion stylist) in April of this year.

Always one to appreciate some rawness in my music, I’m really diggin’ these self-deprecating lines:

“I was not born in wartime / I was not born in pain or poverty / I need an addiction, the needed affliction / To cultivate a personality / I need some / Further complications /Further complications in store, yeah / Your life is just a carrier bag.”

What a charming gentleman the former Pulp frontman has become. And so hard to believe he’s 46.

Now it might just be the camerawork, but he sure seems sproingy. He’s dangling and flopping all over the place.

He’s like one of those push puppet toys. You know, where you press in the base and it collapses? (Can you believe I know what these things are called? Good ole’ packrat parents.)

Anyway, he’s something like these delightful little chaps!

Another fun fact about Cocker: He did the voice of Petey in Wes Anderson’s  Fantastic Mr. Fox (also a delight).


Images courtesy of Pitchfork.com, kickingdonkeyproducts.com and 2kiters.com