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ODE TO: Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Soft Shock”

26 Nov

I can’t get enough of Karen O with her cute smile, mind-boggling shirts and wavering, tear-drenched vocals as she yelps: “What’s the time, what’s the day, gonna leave me / What’s the time, what’s the place, gonna leave me / Out / Leave me out.”

It’s just so… heart-wrenching.

Oh, and I can’t stop watching her, too.

In an interview with Pitchfork, The O says of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s latest album “It’s Blitz!”:

(Confusing punctuation situation above. How to rectify !”:?)

Anyway… she says:

It’s like talking about your diary entry. It is a little more confessional. That’s where I was at. My friend, he can coin a phrase in a second, you know? The way he put it– and this is kinda the way I feel about it– was, the first album was like, ‘We’re gonna fuck you up.’ And then this album is like, ‘Don’t fuck with us.'”

I feel the same way about MY DIARY ENTRIES!

It’s Blitz! is available on iTunes. Get the Deluxe Edition please, with the acoustic version of Soft Shock. It’s my jam. And check this remix as well.