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EXPERIENCE THIS: Three music videos you can’t miss

12 Mar

You simply Must Watch all three of these videos. (Note I have bolded, italicized AND capitalized the words  “Must” and “Watch” for “Emphasis.”)

They’re for songs that are on a very very high rotation on my iPod right now, and the vids are awesome to boot.

Promise you will watch.

Pantha du Prince feat. Noah Lennox – Stick to My Side

LOVING this track, and the video features a funny tree man: a must-see. In fact, this entire album, Black Noise, is amazing. I am physically incapable of turning it off. Will post about it soon.

Caribou – Odessa

Completely obsessed! I cannot wait to see Caribou at Sasquatch this year. The video is very dreamy and appropriate for the local weather forecast. New album comes out April 20.

Gorillaz – Stylo

Great song. And this video has BRUCE WILLIS in it! He is just so masculine. Is there anything the Willis won’t do to win my heart? Video also features some top shelf animation and a wicked car chase. I just bought this album on Wednesday so I have to let it sink in. So far, I’m finding it excellent; lots of great collaborations.

Happy staring!