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RANT: Drinking at CODE Live event difficult; caused separation anxiety

10 Feb

Well, I would like to review the Junior Boys DJ set I attended last Saturday as part of the CODE Live Cultural Olympiad

That is to say, I would like to, but due to the stifling nature of VANCOC/City of Van/B.C. liquor laws — I cannot.

I totally missed the @#$%! Junior Boys because it took SOOO long to get a drink. The show was held in a huge warehouse out on Great Northern Way Campus, and this had the potential to be pretty darn awesome.

But first, after waiting to get inside the venue (to be expected), we had to wait in a 20-minute line to go through one tiny door toward the drinking lounge. Behind the door was a large, colourfully-lit area with white glowing tables and doodles of intestines and sperm on the walls.

Hmmokay, sperm… no, drinks! Let’s not get distracted here.

We quickly found the bar and some minutes later (like eight) we were told we needed to buy drink tickets first. Bah. So we waited in a 15-to-20-minute line to get those.

Then we had to wait in a fourth and final line to get a @#$%! drink! Obvs I got two because I was not about to go through that go-around again.

Annnnnnnnd therefore I missed the bleeding Junior Boys DJ set. The very same DJ set I had hoped to see the most!

Ahh well, I did see LA Riots, and they managed to rock the warehouse pretty badass (see above photo of crazy crowd-surfing-bodystocking dude) but I must admit, as  I danced the night away I felt a bit deflated. Perhaps it was empty space in my hot little hand, just the right size for, oh I dunno, a DRINK?

Anyway, all in all the show was decent but in the end I went home pissed… and not in the drunken way.

Perhaps the provincial laws are not to blame. Perhaps it’s the typical Vancouver prohibitions on drinking in order to make the city into a designated no-fun zone: “No, no we can’t have drinking in places specified to have fun things happening there as well. People might see! They might not buy property!”

This would never fly in the U.S.; it would never fly in the U.K. This is why the Pemberton Festival will likely not return to our fair province! Sorry: rant.

Anyway, in the end my favourite memories from the night were rooted in the compliments I received on my new and awesome necklace:

Isn’t it the best?! I think the necklace looks kinda like a disease, or, as my lovely friend said, “Like something created by Lucy and Bart” — those creative geniuses to whom I gave shoutouts some months ago.

It’s made by Majique and I bought it at the Bay, also where I picked up this nationalistic t-shirt to wear to Olympic events ’round the city.

Let’s hope the rest of the festivities don’t disappoint.

(Stern stare.)

All photos by me.


ELAINE SAYS GET OUT: And go see Junior Boys’ DJ set

6 Feb

Whatchoo doin’ tonight?

You don’t know? What?!

Well, you know what you should do: Check out the New Forms Festival that’s part of Code Live, the interactive arts and culture arm of the 2010 Olympic Games!

It’s at 9:30 pm tonight at Great Northern Way Campus. Tix are $18, I believe.

If so inclined, here is the smorgasbord of electronic artists you can see tonight:

LA Riots
The Golden Filter
Junior Boys DJ Set
Konrad Black

I’m particularly stoked for the Junior Boys DJ set (love those guys… AND they’re from Hamilton, ON!). Not sure exactly what kind of set to expect from them, but I’m a huge fan of their remixes so I have no doubt it will be a dancing good time.

Speaking of dance, you simply must check out this rad dance routine to Junior Boys’ “In the Morning:”

Isn’t it hilariously awesome? I really like their matching outfits — particularly the striped shorts with dangling suspenders.

And I am totally stealing those moves tonight!

Here’s me gearing up:

Top and skirt, H&M; necklace, the Bay; shoes, Lacoste; tights, American Apparel.

Note how I am wearing NO SOX in January. (!)

Also, you should check out other Code Live event listings while the Olympics are in town. I’ll make it worth your while… through dance!

Top photo courtesy of blog.kexp.org.

ART ATTACK: Giant robotic spider conquors all… with beer!

25 Jan

Two Saturdays ago… I witnessed something heretofore unseen.

“What was it?” you ask innocently?

It was something the likes of which you would never believe. And even though the answer may give you night terrors, you should really pay attention and stop asking so many questions.

As I was saying, Two Saturdays ago… I attended a party thrown by the hip folks at eatART (short for Energy Awareness Through Art), in a warehouse on Great Northern Way Campus.

And just as those hedonistic vices known as “drinks and dancing” started to take hold… a giant robotic spider the size of a Honda Civic took over everyone’s brains!

Well, maybe just their iPhone screens.

Dubbed “The world’s first and only zero-emissions walking vehicle,” the Mondo Spider was created in August 2006 by a group of young engineers who participated in the Vancouver Junkyard Wars the year prior.

Through their passion for developing the 1600 lb walking beast, the group created a registered charity foundation called eatART and have since created several amazing large-scale art pieces.

In fact, in a few short weeks the Mondo Spider will participate in CODE Live as part of the Vancouver Olympic Games. Impressive!

So who are these people, and what exactly are they doing?

In their own words:

“eatART fosters new media art research with a focus on large-scale, kinetic and robotic sculpture. Our projects use art to educate people about the role energy plays in our lives and to raise questions about the social and environmental impact of energy use.”

Basically, they’re a bunch of engineering nerds that loves to party, build robots, and promote green energy use. Totally awesome.

Interestingly enough, the Games actually commissioned the Mondo Spider’s switch from a gregarious, gas-guzzling machine to a skulking, green-powered walking vehicle. It’s pretty incredible how little noise the thing makes. It’s now got the stealth of an actual spider! Très creepy… and très cool.

Check out this video of the Mondo Spider in action on Vancouver is Awesome.

FYI – That’s the very same night LR was present! (Though the video was of the earlier unveiling…)

I should mention that these guys really do know how to throw a party. Great tunes, stocked bar, interesting people, and a walking spider to boot. What more could your favourite girl-about-town ask for?

If you’d like to learn more, read this delightful post on the Mondo Spider on The Daily Gumboot. Also keep your eyes peeled for the machine walking about during the Olympics; you may not notice it until it has you in its technical grasp!


Photo courtesy of the lovely and talented Michael S. Joyce.