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SCAVENGER’S DELIGHT: True Value Vintage Closing Sale

23 May

Omg omg omg. True Value Vintage is having a closing sale. This past weekend, spend-savvy shoppers had the chance to pick through a sea of clothing in their stockroom and fill a bag with as much vintage as they could for an even $20.


Was amazing.

It was a challenging shopping experience though, especially solo, as they had no mirrors or change rooms, and you weren’t allowed to bring in anything other than your wallet. However, I fared well as you may imagine. I am completely not above digging my way through gigantic piles of clothing and slinging chosen items across my shoulders all homeless-like. Even while a dude yanked a pair of 70s trousers from beneath my feet sending me toppling into a pile of leather jackets and nubbly sweaters, I managed to maintain my dignity.

Laughs all around!

Seriously though, it was really fun and everyone was very friendly amidst the intense scavenging that was taking place.

This is where people like me come alive.

So after more than an hour of digging and gasping with pleasure and wrinkling my nose at some fashion atrocities (all part of the fun), I emerged with thirteen awesome items for $20.

Here are the highlights:

Adorable sailboat skirt and red halter. “Why hello… summer!”

Awesome vintage Hawaiian shirt. Will look amazing with a tobacco-coloured, wide cowboy belt I got from the mom collection.

Cute-as-pie ’60s daisy dress (hee). Looks much better on me than it does on this slightly malformed dressform. I’m thinking of giving it some edge with a denim vest.

Ahoy! Bikinis tops and bottoms!

Tres demure vintage heels – they need the heel nubs replaced, but this is simple enough to have done.

Blouse that feels like a silk/polyester blend. It’s very light and soft. I’m thinking it’ll look good with a bandana, boyfriend jeans and sandals — a sort of ’60s-housewife-in-the-garden look.

And the piece de la resistance — this amazing ’70s sheepskin-trimmed maroon leather jacket. I have wanted a jacket like this for soooo loooong. When I found it I thought I had died and gone to teenage-clothing-desire-dream land!

Srsly, ever since I watched the video for the song Astounded by fellow Canadians Bran Van 3000 (remember way back in 2001?), I have been in love with that woman’s jacket. And also her beautiful face. And her kissing partner. So much lust. So much shaggy-haired, sheepskin-collared face-sucking.

Maybe this new addition to my wardrobe will increase my kissing karma?

Only one way to know for sure…

Gotta wear it!

All photos by me. True Value Vintage is located at 710 Robson St. If you love vintage, go now.