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CHEAP GIFT IDEA: “A lifetime of music” mix CD

9 Dec

My roommate and I are making each other mix CDs for X-mas.

We both love music, so the intention behind it is to create a mix that represents a lifetime of musical influences. A lofty task we know, but we are up for the challenge!

We’re also hoping that since we are five years apart in age, there will be a substantial amount of music on there that’s new to each of us.

I just started my mix tonight, and I just informed her it has to be a double disc.

Mine’s gonna be a mix of stuff I’ve liked since I was a super cool teen, a slovenly university kid, and a mid-twenties scoffer. I’m also adding stuff I’ve just discovered today.

I’m thinking that I havehavehave to be able to stand behind each and every song that’s on there. I cannot put something on my mix simply because I used to like it a lot. No room for Korn, or any of that crap.

It has to represent who I am, and how I’ve evolved… musically. And I’m not repeating any artists. Maybe I’ll even post the tracklist once I’m done! (Sheepish grin.)

Ahh, I’m getting overwhelmed just writing about it.

And god it’s embarrassing going through some of the old stuff I used to listen to. Like THIS Cassius track me and my friend and I used to rock through her really loud car speakers while driving around trying to be hot in high school:

Actually, I still stand behind this. It’s goin’ on there.


Photo courtesy of blog.freepeople.com