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Sandals = feelings of greatness

20 May

It’s gonna be 20 degrees today! At last, spring is upon us. And you know what that means…

Scandals. IN SANDALS!!!

I love wearing sandals. In fact, I recently confessed to a friend that I measure success and happiness by how often I get to wear a bikini and sandals in a given year.

I am going to do both of those things tomorrow and I’m guessing my serotonin levels will skyrocket.

Here’s a sneak peak of the sandals I’ll be sporting today. Picked ’em up at this year’s epic shoe sale at Army and Navy for a tidy $40. Not too shabby for Nine West! And today is the first wear! O how I love them.

In her book Shoes, Linda O’Keefe says sandals were the first crafted footwear. They date back to 3500 BC, when ancient Egyptians made imprints of their feet in wet sand, fashioned soles out of braided papyrus and added rawhide thongs to keep them in place. The sandal existed in some form for thousands of years — in Italy, Japan, Spain and even rainy England.

After having gone out of fashion for more than 1,000 years, the sandal made a comeback in the ’20s. Heels were attached, accentuating the feminine arch, and this gave the previously modest foot an excuse to sport coloured toenails and rhinestone straps.

Tres sexy.

Shifting gears back to modern day, I always get excited for sandal season’s new styles. Here are a few choice finds for spring 2011:

Pour La Victoire at Umeboshi, $259

John Fluevog, $259

John Fluevog, $259

Free People, $114

Aldo, on sale for $52

Camper, at Gravity Pope, $200

Jigsaw, on sale for $124 CAD ($72 GBP)

Anthropologie, $138

Anthropologie, $188

Click here for more spring 2011 trends from InStyle. If you’re hoping to create a look that’s a little outside-the-box this season, check out this guide for pairing sandals with tights. It’s a fashionable and strategic option in a city where the weather reinvents itself as often as Madonna.

Enjoy the sun!

First photo by me; second photo courtesy of mensrag.wordpress.com; all other photos courtesy of the links below.