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FUN AND WONDERFUL: New Animal Collective video for “Brothersport”

10 Jan


Animal Collective has a new video!

Directed by Jack Kubizne, the video for “Brothersport” features two primitive kids and a dog on a joyous romp. Interspersed are psychedelic animations of amoebas, detached eyeballs, and odd, Japanese-inspired monsters.

Then someone cracks eggs into paint to create a deliciously childlike soupy mixture.

After this, a cascade of multicolored black-lit eggs fall from the sky and explode when they hit the ground. (Very Dr. Mario.)

Next the kids find an empty room where they make huge mess with paint, smearing it all over the rug and walls after painting eggs — Easter style.

Then! They start their tribal dancing.


This video has a joyous wildness that is very àpropos. Reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are on an acid trip.

If you want to escape the winter doldrums, do so with this:

Photo by Rez Avissar courtesy of pitchfork.com.