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BEST VIDEO OF 09: Grizzly Bear “Ready, Able”

13 Dec

With 2009 drawing to an end, everyone with an Internet connection and a few spare mins is churning out their favourite tracks/trends of the year.

None to pass on the opportunity to be delightfully self-indulgent, I am planning several lists in my mind. It’s great fun to put them together while sipping coffee and staring at my computer screen pretending to work, gazing out the window of the bus, or walking briskly through softly falling snow.

Also, I’ve put together a mix of my favourite tracks of the year and I’m planning to copy them, sew cases out of paper, potato stamp them and give them to friends/family as gifts. I’ll post on this in the coming week.

And there’s also the entire decade to consider. People are starting to sum it all up. (Geez, I’d better get back to my list-making/filtering, STAT!)

To start off, I’d like to declare Grizzly Bear’s “Ready, Able” as the greatest music video of 2009.

Directed by Allison Schulnik, this video brilliantly contrasts the infinite emptiness and soaring emotionality in this song. And it’s uniquely rendered through some of the most interesting stop-motion animation I’ve seen (I’m big into animation).

I love the way the colours bleed and pour and smear into one another.

In an interview on Fecalface.com, Schulnik spoke about how she chooses her content. Here’s her reply:

“I seem to be drawn to sad characters, the forlorn reject. Something about being on the outside. The outcast. But I also am intrigued by the super confident fool. He too is a reject. I’m not really interested in what’s accepted by people. I like the things, places and characters that have been forsaken. On both sides of the field. The happy genius fool and the pathetic misfit. I guess I like drama.”

Indeed. I completely agree that the super confident fool is inherently a reject. Also, far from being sad, watching the pathetic misfit gives me a surge of happiness and energy.

Perhaps it’s because I really like the way Schulnik portrays her rejects — in all their funny, futile, endearing glory.

Here are two of my favourite paintings of hers:

What a silly scary monkey!

Anyway, I’m jazzed by her statement about creating her own worlds:

“My dad’s an architect, that’s probably where the animation bug came from — making little worlds that you create and be supreme leader in, except mine are mini and made from wood and clay. I have always been drawn to fantasy worlds, theatrical worlds, hand-made worlds. This world doesn’t always hold my attention for very long. But I also love animators and comedians. That’s probably another reason I was drawn to animation.”

Check this:

“Ready, Able” is my favourite song off Veckatimest, but I must admit I chose “Two Weeks” instead to represent the album on  my Best of 2009 mix for two reasons:

  • Reason one: “Two Weeks” is more radio friendly.
  • Reason two: I selfishly want to keep “Ready, Able” to myself as my own secret song, and allow other people to discover it on their own.

Is this wrong? Probably. I find it annoying when other people do this, but I’ve felt possessive over certain music that since I was a teenager (always music that links to my emotions in some way).

Can anyone relate? If so, what are your secret songs?

(Promise I won’t tell…)

Photos courtesy of fecalface.com