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FLOWER POWER REBRAND: A new addition to my jewellery collection

11 Jan

I went poking around on Commercial Drive on Sunday and came across this little gem from Attic Treasures:

It’s a large, metal flower-power pin from the 1960s! In punchy red! With stripes of white and navy in the middle! I loves me some red, white and blue for some reason… perhaps because the colours are masculine. Could be because my mom always favoured red, or because my grandpa was in the navy, or because I have several American relatives.

Who knows!

At $20 it was a tad pricey for my pocketbook since I’m quite good at sourcing stuff like this from thrift stores, but I also found a wicked, ’60s-painted-fabric wall hanging for a mere $30.

(We needed a large piece for the wall behind our dining room table, so I felt justified in buying the pin because the wall fabric was such a good deal.)

Ahhhh, how I can justify buying anything when it’s red:

  • “But this red shade is being discontinued…”
  • “I’ve never seen this [insert item here] in RED before…”
  • “Ooh, they only have the red one left!”
  • “Look! Red leather!”
  • “Aren’t red shoes supposed to be lucky?”


Well, whatever. Red works on me.

Now witness my latest photo essay titled, Me and My Red Flower-Power Pin: A Story of Triumph:

Love love!

And here’s the wall fabric I bought that started this whole affair:

Highest praises? Lemme know what you think!

All photos by me.