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14 May is my new favourite website ever!!!! With this site, you can browse fashion spreads made by both pro and self-made stylists, and you can pick through and save the items you like best to make your own spreads. Finally! My dream of being a fashion magazine editor has come true!

This is what I would wear to Sasquatch if I were going this year, and if I had unlimited funds. But since I can’t make it, and I don’t have unlimited finds, I’ll live vicariously by creating this fantasy look using these coveted Paul Smith boots and amazing utility vest as my staples.

I dare you to look at the back of that vest and not be driven to buy it.

Also, I simply must have those boots. The desire is rooted deep. But at $525 saving for them will be a lesson in delayed gratification, which is a lesson I sorely need to learn.

For now I’ll just create the dream on Polyvore.