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Album covers come aliiiive!

25 Oct

This. Is awesome.


EXPERIENCE THIS: Three music videos you can’t miss

12 Mar

You simply Must Watch all three of these videos. (Note I have bolded, italicized AND capitalized the words  “Must” and “Watch” for “Emphasis.”)

They’re for songs that are on a very very high rotation on my iPod right now, and the vids are awesome to boot.

Promise you will watch.

Pantha du Prince feat. Noah Lennox – Stick to My Side

LOVING this track, and the video features a funny tree man: a must-see. In fact, this entire album, Black Noise, is amazing. I am physically incapable of turning it off. Will post about it soon.

Caribou – Odessa

Completely obsessed! I cannot wait to see Caribou at Sasquatch this year. The video is very dreamy and appropriate for the local weather forecast. New album comes out April 20.

Gorillaz – Stylo

Great song. And this video has BRUCE WILLIS in it! He is just so masculine. Is there anything the Willis won’t do to win my heart? Video also features some top shelf animation and a wicked car chase. I just bought this album on Wednesday so I have to let it sink in. So far, I’m finding it excellent; lots of great collaborations.

Happy staring!

FUN AND WONDERFUL: New Animal Collective video for “Brothersport”

10 Jan


Animal Collective has a new video!

Directed by Jack Kubizne, the video for “Brothersport” features two primitive kids and a dog on a joyous romp. Interspersed are psychedelic animations of amoebas, detached eyeballs, and odd, Japanese-inspired monsters.

Then someone cracks eggs into paint to create a deliciously childlike soupy mixture.

After this, a cascade of multicolored black-lit eggs fall from the sky and explode when they hit the ground. (Very Dr. Mario.)

Next the kids find an empty room where they make huge mess with paint, smearing it all over the rug and walls after painting eggs — Easter style.

Then! They start their tribal dancing.


This video has a joyous wildness that is very àpropos. Reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are on an acid trip.

If you want to escape the winter doldrums, do so with this:

Photo by Rez Avissar courtesy of

BEST VIDEO OF 09: Grizzly Bear “Ready, Able”

13 Dec

With 2009 drawing to an end, everyone with an Internet connection and a few spare mins is churning out their favourite tracks/trends of the year.

None to pass on the opportunity to be delightfully self-indulgent, I am planning several lists in my mind. It’s great fun to put them together while sipping coffee and staring at my computer screen pretending to work, gazing out the window of the bus, or walking briskly through softly falling snow.

Also, I’ve put together a mix of my favourite tracks of the year and I’m planning to copy them, sew cases out of paper, potato stamp them and give them to friends/family as gifts. I’ll post on this in the coming week.

And there’s also the entire decade to consider. People are starting to sum it all up. (Geez, I’d better get back to my list-making/filtering, STAT!)

To start off, I’d like to declare Grizzly Bear’s “Ready, Able” as the greatest music video of 2009.

Directed by Allison Schulnik, this video brilliantly contrasts the infinite emptiness and soaring emotionality in this song. And it’s uniquely rendered through some of the most interesting stop-motion animation I’ve seen (I’m big into animation).

I love the way the colours bleed and pour and smear into one another.

In an interview on, Schulnik spoke about how she chooses her content. Here’s her reply:

“I seem to be drawn to sad characters, the forlorn reject. Something about being on the outside. The outcast. But I also am intrigued by the super confident fool. He too is a reject. I’m not really interested in what’s accepted by people. I like the things, places and characters that have been forsaken. On both sides of the field. The happy genius fool and the pathetic misfit. I guess I like drama.”

Indeed. I completely agree that the super confident fool is inherently a reject. Also, far from being sad, watching the pathetic misfit gives me a surge of happiness and energy.

Perhaps it’s because I really like the way Schulnik portrays her rejects — in all their funny, futile, endearing glory.

Here are two of my favourite paintings of hers:

What a silly scary monkey!

Anyway, I’m jazzed by her statement about creating her own worlds:

“My dad’s an architect, that’s probably where the animation bug came from — making little worlds that you create and be supreme leader in, except mine are mini and made from wood and clay. I have always been drawn to fantasy worlds, theatrical worlds, hand-made worlds. This world doesn’t always hold my attention for very long. But I also love animators and comedians. That’s probably another reason I was drawn to animation.”

Check this:

“Ready, Able” is my favourite song off Veckatimest, but I must admit I chose “Two Weeks” instead to represent the album on  my Best of 2009 mix for two reasons:

  • Reason one: “Two Weeks” is more radio friendly.
  • Reason two: I selfishly want to keep “Ready, Able” to myself as my own secret song, and allow other people to discover it on their own.

Is this wrong? Probably. I find it annoying when other people do this, but I’ve felt possessive over certain music that since I was a teenager (always music that links to my emotions in some way).

Can anyone relate? If so, what are your secret songs?

(Promise I won’t tell…)

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BRAND SPANKING NEW(ish): “Further Complications” video from Jarvis Cocker

8 Dec

Just checked out Jarvis Cocker’s latest video for the title track from his Further Complications LP (released in early November).

This video makes you want, nay HAVE, to don your biggest glasses, some three-day-unwashed hair, a cup of tea, and a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray. Then you must sidle up next to him, tell him about the bitch/bastard who spurned you and absorb all his celebrated neuroses.

Apparently this is a brake up album, since Cocker split with his wife (a French fashion stylist) in April of this year.

Always one to appreciate some rawness in my music, I’m really diggin’ these self-deprecating lines:

“I was not born in wartime / I was not born in pain or poverty / I need an addiction, the needed affliction / To cultivate a personality / I need some / Further complications /Further complications in store, yeah / Your life is just a carrier bag.”

What a charming gentleman the former Pulp frontman has become. And so hard to believe he’s 46.

Now it might just be the camerawork, but he sure seems sproingy. He’s dangling and flopping all over the place.

He’s like one of those push puppet toys. You know, where you press in the base and it collapses? (Can you believe I know what these things are called? Good ole’ packrat parents.)

Anyway, he’s something like these delightful little chaps!

Another fun fact about Cocker: He did the voice of Petey in Wes Anderson’s  Fantastic Mr. Fox (also a delight).


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NEW: Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck Video “Heaven Can Wait.” Meh?

19 Nov

I thought Charlotte Gainsbourg could do no wrong. I mean, she’s incredibly hip without seeming pretentious, and her triple-threat persona as a singer/actress/style icon appears well earned.

Check this track to seewhatImean.

But her new collaboration with Beck (this is when you start to get excited) left me feeling cold; clammy eighth grade heavy petting in the park kind of cold. You want it to feel good, but… those sticky hands are just so cold!

The video, directed by Keith Schofield and dubbed “incredible” by Pitchfork, features a bizarre combo of images set to a very Beck-ish dreamy, heavy-handed piano tune.

Let’s see, there’s a man with a giant walnut, a shirtless dancing fat kid, a skateboard on hamburgers, a cop taking down a guy in a SpongeBob costume, an astronaut with a head of pancakes, a robot taking some chick to the prom, and a dude with half a beard.

Wait, did I just say half a beard?

I don’t know why, but that half-beard dude was just about the weirdest thing in there. I can not stop thinking about that image. Why only half a beard? Did he get in a freak gasoline fight accident? Is it an unfortunate half-face hair loss gene? Perhaps he’d entered a hall of mirrors and accidentally banged into one and it shattered into a million pieces and then one of the pieces flew through the air and sliced off half his beard.


Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Beck-produced LP, IRM, is set to come out on January 26, 2010 via Because/Elektra. “Heaven Can Wait” is now available on iTunes.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think. The song’s aiiiight, not great, and the video is mildly entertaining. Even so, should Pitchfork really have used the words “incredible” and “Dada brainfuck” for the video?

Meh, think not.

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